All-Comer’s Meet 2 UPDATE

Due to technical difficulties there will be no pole vaulting event at the second All-Comers Meet this weekend, January 13th. Please spread the word if you know anyone planing on vaulting. All other track and field events will take place as usual.

Santa Monica Second All-Comers Meet

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great winter break and is ready for the track season!

Results from the first All Comer’s Meet on 12/16/17 can be found HERE. Thank you to all the parents and student athletes for all the help and donations!

Saturday, January 13th will be the second winter All-Comers meet at the Santa Monica HS Track. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online tickets can be found HERE

The meet will follow the same schedule as posted previously for the first meet. As a reminder the track tryout standards are HERE

Student athletes will register for their chosen events at practice before the meet with one of the coaches. For those that do not register at practice please be prepared with your projected finish time for each event you want to compete in on the track. You will register when you arrive at the gate.

Parents please check TEAMSNAP for open volunteer positions at the meet. Your help made a HUGE difference at the first meet and we hope to have the same showing as last time.